New Concepts In Fear... brings you a new kind of horror fiction: tales which take the form of terrifying letters, mailed to you.  They are available both as ebooks or personalised paper letters mailed to your home.

A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home sees you anonymously contacted by the former resident of your home, who has a bone-chilling warning for you...

A Letter From Your Twin sees you contacted by the evil twin you never knew you had.  The Ebook Edition of this intense short story is a free PDF.

Written by Doctor Who and Friday The 13th author Jason Arnopp, these groundbreaking and unnerving tales are each available in two very different versions...  

1) PAPER EDITIONS: personalised, physical letters which are snail-mailed to your home address, or the home of a loved one!  Each is created by the author and unique.  Order early for Halloween 2013.  Check out the Paper Editions page for full details.

2) EBOOK EDITIONS: low-priced ebooks (or in A Letter From Your Twin's case, a free one !)  Check out the Ebook Editions page or jump straight to the Amazon UK or Amazon US pages to check out A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home.


"The creepiest f*****g thing I have read in an age.  I read half of it and woke up gasping for breath!– reader Stuart Lemon, Oxfordshire, UK
"Got a page-and-a-half in and lost the ability to continue.  Am now hiding in the bedroom.  Awesome!" – reader Lisa Gemino, British Columbia, Canada
"I had a scary letter made for my fiancé Ian recently, for his birthday.  It was so personal and creepy.  A brilliant idea buyer Daisy Leverington, Derby
"Highly original, chilling tale. I made the mistake of reading it alone, after dark, and couldn't sleep afterwards... Thoroughly and terrifyingly enjoyable reader Marjorie Taylor, Wiltshire, UK
"The letter arrived on Christmas Eve!  Scared the bejeesus out of the wife on the long drive to family– buyer and author Jonathan Crossfield, Sydney, Australia 
"My wife just called me to congratulate me on freaking her out. She was waiting in line at the post office when she opened up the envelope, and she got 4 pages in before flipping through the rest of it to see the note at the end letting her in on the gag. She could tell the woman at the counter was concerned about what she was reading Scott Beggs, Homburg, Germany